About us

“Research and Application Centre for Archaeology and Archaeometry ” was established on June 3, 2013 as a rectorate affiliated unit of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University.  
The main purpose of our centre is to provide high quality level of  the archaeological education based on the research and practice; to examine the archaeological heritage through excavations and surveys by using the advantage of modern technology and sciences; to enrich the archaeological research and innovative studies; to share new scientific methods and the techniques developed on the national and international areas in the context of archaeological sciences and to adapt them to the local archaeological studies.
Additionally, one of the aims of our research and application centre is  to present the scientific studies on services performed in the field of the archaeological research and practices, especially on Dascyleum, Ionia, Caria and Aeolis; to continue the interdisciplinary studies (such as anthropology, epigraphy, geology and biology) at the site, Daskyleion, and to improve them; to encourage young scientists to become experts in required areas; to organize activities for the development of scientific collaborations at the national and international level and to conduct collaborative projects.